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What is FixPix?

FixPix is a general (portable) algorithm for displaying true-color (24-bit, usually) image data on direct-color graphics devices (16-bit high-color or 24/32-bit true-color).

Currently available implementations support the X Window System, the Virtual Device Interface (VDI) under GEM (Graphic Environment Manager), and the Windows GDI.
Contributions for other platforms would be greatly appreciated.

The main feature of the FixPix algorithm is the generic method of adaption to the particular bit-distribution of the output device combined with the efficient pixel rendering scheme.

A special feature of FixPix is the optional adapted dithering scheme providing smooth image display for less than 24-bit deep output devices.

Who needs FixPix?

You may consider to use FixPix if you are interested in

Download the current version (released 16 Aug 2008)

fixpix16aug2008.tar.gz (88454 Bytes)
fixpix.zip (107360 Bytes)

FixPix for XV 3.10a

You can immediately use FixPix with xv-3.10a from John Bradley if you work on a 15/16/24/32-bit X display.

Just replace your original 'xvimage.c' (rename it to 'xvimage.c.orig') with the adapted xvimage.c in the distribution and then recompile xv. That's all!
Please tell me if you encounter any problems on your platform.

FixPix for Berkeley mpeg_play 2.3

Copy all files in the directory 'mpeg_play-2.3' into the original distribution and recompile.

Sample code

There is documented sample code which describes the FixPix algorithm:
fixpix.h: General declarations
xfixpix.c: Sample implementation for the X Window System
vfixpix.c: Sample implementation for the VDI under GEM
winfixpix.cpp: Sample implementation for the Windows GDI
Compare the new part xvimage.c.new.part of the xvimage.c code with the corresponding old part xvimage.c.orig.part.

Sample applications


Tested environments

Comments, suggestions, enhancements, reports are welcome. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.

Contact: guido at jpegclub period org